Off We Goooo

Fox River Beach

May 06, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

As we drove down the west coast, I started to get a sense of deja vu. The surroundings looked increasingly familiar…

And then suddenly I remembered! I told Loïc to pull over. It was overcast and chilly, and it didn’t really appear that we had stopped anywhere remarkable.

I told Loïc to follow me, and we got out and walked along the highway. There wasn’t even a walk path, and it was over a somewhat narrow bridge, so we found ourselves squeezing against the guardrails as cars passed us.

Then, we hopped over the guard rails onto someone’s perfectly manicured lawn.

It’s really weird to go through someone’s properties, although as much as it feels like you do, I think you actually don’t and go alongside them. That or they have a deal to let people though. Anyhow, I was a little uncomfortable.

Loïc’s trust in me paid off, though. After carefully walking through the lawn, we entered a massive cave. The ceiling of the cave was very high above us, and there was just enough light to see around. As we walked through, we saw that those before us had placed down stones in rings for bonfire pits, and as a walkway guiding us deeper into the cave. The base of the cave seemed to split off in two separate parts, one towards the road and shoreline and one out to sea.

The tall exit to the beach (which might be closed off at high tide?).
The beach.

I had been here before with the Stray bus. It’s a short and somewhat awkward stop as you have 20 or so tourists parading through someone’s lawn and into a cave, but the highlight is that the light from outside of the cave is so bright that it creates a unique photo opportunity. If you stand at the mouth of the cave and have someone from the inside take your photo, it captures just your silhouette!

Loïc and I took a few photos like this, and then headed back to get on the road again.

Loïc fooling around.
And Dana quickly joining him.