Off We Goooo


May 06, 2017 | 3 Minute Read

Quick stop in Greymouth for a break. We stumble upon the brewery and stop for a beer. There’s also a guy driving a sheriff car.

You don't want to mess with the sheriff.

We weren’t expecting to do much of anything in Greymouth. It’s an interesting and lovely town, uniquely situated near the rail, the water, the mountains, and major highways, that has a strong history of mining and the press. I’ve been here before on my tour, and it’s where I picked up my beloved New Zealand art prints which I later sold to make way for our road trip; I found them in a cafe that had amazing coffee and plenty of art on display from local artists. So, Greymouth was a place I was looking forward to taking a peek at again, but it was particularly sleepy this time around. Plus, I didn’t want to tempt myself by looking at more art, so we didn’t really stop in any galleries or cafes.

We were trying to make our way to the grocery store when we realized we’d gone down the road we were on too long, and needed to make a turn into town. It just so happened this turn sent us straight by the Monteith’s Brewery, so…of course I had to stop!

New Zealand has an incredibly craft brewery scene. I first got into craft beer when I moved to Chicago and fell in love with Revolution Brewery, 312, Three Floyd’s and a few others. I don’t profess to being a connoisseur, but I know what I like. The craft beer scene in New Zealand is huge, particularly so in Wellington, so there’s been ample to time to try new things, and so far everything I’ve tasted has blown Chicago and American brews out of the water (sorry!). My only gripe is that kiwis seem to favor IPAs, of which they’ve made hundreds of different types, and I tend to favor light wheat beers or golden lagers more, of which there are only a few. In recent years, there’s been a trend in making different pilsners, which definitely pleases my Czech side.


Anyway! We stopped into the brewery and took a look around. They weren’t offering tours to such a small group, but we could see a bit through the tall glass. There wasn’t much to comment on, but the rest of the space was nicely decorated, with explanations on how the beer is made, their history with different ads and illustrations, etc. I took a tasting sample of three beers which were excellent.

Loïc graciously took the wheel for the rest of the night. Thanks, Loïc!