Off We Goooo

Sunny Nelson

May 01, 2017 | 3 Minute Read

We arrived in Sunny Nelson… at night.

I have been sick for the past week or so and it’s not getting any better. With the cold nights ahead of us, Dana pestered me to go see a doctor, something I should have done long ago. So the first thing we did in Nelson was to head to the Medical & Injury Centre. Yay.

After going to the doctor, we found a parking lot that allowed overnight campers. It wasn’t the most ideal spot, but it was free to stay overnight and had public toilets. In the morning, the inner section of the public toilets opened up where better-maintained toilets and showers were available. The most lovely woman was operating the house and lavished compliments on Loïc and I for various things like my laundry bag. You had to sign your name on a waiting list for your turn to use the shower, as there was only one each for men’s and women’s. We didn’t have to wait too long, and had ample time to have breakfast and get ourselves ready for the day.

After we showered, we stayed at the parking lot and took a walk around Nelson. True to its name, it was beautifully sunny. I’ve heard lots of great things about Nelson, but we didn’t have too long to check everything out, and it seems like it’s spread out along the coastline a fair bit. We went to one shore near town at low tide, and it seemed to stretch on into the horizon. Back in town, we passed by lots of cute shops and restaurants and cafes; I told Loïc it reminded me of downtown Naperville, Illinois where several of my aunts and uncles live.

For lunch, we sat on the stone steps leading up to a historic church in the center of town and had crackers and bread with hummus, peanut butter and jelly (not all together though… ew…). The sun was warm enough for us to take off some layers, something we welcomed after skipping summer in Wellington and dealing with the freezing ferry to Picton.

If you ever need to make an American happy, get him/her some peanut butter and jelly.

The stones we were on were placed sometime in the 1920’s, but the church wasn’t erected until the 60’s. We went inside to take a look, and except for it being so new, the church looked like many we had seen throughout France. The park surrounding the church was beautiful as well, and had a few non-native trees whose leaves were turning colors. Overall, it was a pleasant afternoon.

Before leaving the city we stop for a much needed car wash.

Last time around I was on foot and couldn’t make it to the beach but I had no excuse this time. I’ll never know what I would have found there but this time there was a lovely couple selling delicious ice-cream which was a delight to eat while walking on the beach.

The sun feels so good after Wellington non-summer.