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Pancake Rocks

May 06, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

Pancake Rocks is an attraction along the west coast where some natural rock formations are stacked up to look like waffles. I mean, pancakes.

Sorry, with a name like Pancake Rocks as the official title, you know humor is in short supply.

Does anybody have some maple syrup?

Anyway, both Loïc and I had seen this before on our respective solo tours, but we were hungry and felt like taking a short walk. There’s a restaurant and cafe on the opposite side of the street which sells, of course, pancakes. But Loïc and I each ordered a sandwich instead.

After getting a bite, we walked across the street to go through the trail that lets you see the rocks. Once we got off the road and on the path that was deep into the bush, a weka walked right by us, rummaging through the undergrowth. As I mentioned before, they’re not entirely afraid of people, but still rare to see in more populous areas, so seeing one up close is always a treat. For me, at least.

One perk of traveling in the off-season is getting to enjoy tourist attractions without as many tourists! Instead of pushing our way through dozens of people and waiting for people to move to snap a photograph, we were able to take our time, stop and watch the waves, read all the information panels, and take whatever photos we wanted. It was actually pretty relaxing.

You can never have too many pancakes.

I think “pancake rocks” really downplays the scenery; The area is truly beautiful. There are towers of these rock formations rising up out of the sea as the waves violently crash all around them. There’s seabird soaring above, seals playing below, and Mermaid’s Hair seaweed clinging to the rocks in all the chaos. From one vantage point, you can see the ocean and the shoreline and mountains along the west coast from which you arrived, and just pause to take it all in.

So, no matter what people tell you, go see the rocks. It’s more than just rocks.

Yes, it’s more than just rocks, it’s Pancake Rocks!

If you've seen Ring or played Inside, the way those sea weeds move in the water will give you a chill.